Our product

We are honeycomb carbon manufacturer in China with 10 years experience, our product is widely using in the VOC treatment at painting booth such as ship yard, airplane, furniture, electronic manufacturing etc.

Product specification





L   4 inches
W  4 inches
H   4 inches

L: from 2 to 6 inches

W: from 2 to 6 inches

H: From 1 to 6 inches

Hole detail

100 CPSI

(Cells Per Square Inch)

Holes spacing: 0.1” 
Thickness of wall 0.016~0.025”


1600 holes each filter.

200 CPSI


t: 0.016~0.02”


300 CPSI

p: 0.058”

t: 0.01~0.015”

Bulk density:

0.35 – 0.45 g/ml

BET area


Benzene adsorption


Butane Working Capacity


Why select us

ü  We are Honeycomb carbon manufacturer, three sets of extruder that could produce 500 tons (1000 cubic meter) a year.

ü  Product quality is well controlled to meet customer expectation.

ü  Unique product recipe, product does not contain acid or alkaline material, its neutral character can be used as catalyst or catalyst carrier.

ü  Low Cost – Gas phase product does not have firing process after product extruded, lower the cost product and save your money.

ü  Develop product with customer directly.


More applications for honeycomb block

Honeycomb carbon is an excellent absorbent, with its low pressure drop and bigger contact surface, it could be developed to be an adsorbent or catalyst carrier in many fields, such as, evaporative loss control of hydrocarbons, gas separation and purification, organic solvent recovery, odor removal in automobile, chemical, electronics industry. Please contact us for more detail.